Graphing Poor Decisions


There is this little game I like to play with myself called “Should I go to the gym or eat a vat of cornflakes?” The rules are simple:

1. Identify the list of better shit you have to do then go to the gym

2. Determine amount of cornflakes and almond milk that does not require a special grocery walk of shame where you avoid eye contact with the cashier because you both know that nobody goes specifically to the store for these items unless they plan on finding a way to eat them while pulling out of the parking lot

3. If ratio of better shit to do combined with cornflake-convenience (shame quotient) is greater then the combination of whether your roommate/spouse/domestic partner is working out (the guilt quotient) and if it’s a Game of Thrones night – then the cornflakes win


Here is a graph to for those visual learners.

Area graphin’ like a mofo!


A good way to gauge my daily decision is by judging the quality of my blogs post for that day. DAMN YOU CORNFLAKES!!! *shaking angry fist*




2 comments on “Graphing Poor Decisions

  1. pennyparsnip says:

    Thank God I’m not the only one.

  2. […] suck at debate. That is probably because I would rather do things that are fun for me like watching Game of Thrones or learning to do aerial spin kicks then read up on the hard issues. Plus I know that I’m […]

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