Web Feast Friday – Labor Day Edition

Welcome to the final Web Feast of August, and get your weekend started off right with this jam:

Any time EPL has a three day weekend, you know there will be plenty of vegan food, outdoor adventures, and a couch-nap or two.  This weekend is no exception as we travel to the vegan wonderland that is Portland, OR.  Enjoy this week’s feast of recipes, news, and reviews, and feel free to take the entire three day weekend to read them.  Get your three day feast on!

Every holiday deserves deserts!

Here’s some math for you:  Cigarettes = eggs.

No picnic is complete without some macaroni salad.  This has actually been proven.

Seriously, my two favorite foods are red velvet cake and pancakes.  Win, win.

I feel like this may have been posted before, but these are the new go-to sweet treat at the EPL HQ.

This, this, and this will happen at some point over the next three days.

This clip is in honor of Hayley and her discovery of the existence of people who have never seen this movie.  Thank you for not being one of these people.  If you feel you are one of these people, use one of your three days off to get out of that funk.


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