Web Feast Friday: Sunday Edition

As you may or may not have noticed, our streak of blogging came to an end on Friday, January 25.  I am actually impressed that we made it that long considering the whirlwind of adventures and funtivities we have been engaging in over the last couple of weeks. We spent this past weekend relaxing, skiing, cooking, and imbibing with our dear friends in Sunriver, Oregon.  I’m blaming our streak coming to an end on a fun-friend-filled weekend.  Best.Excuse.Ever.


Mountains, outdoor activities, and wildlife. Sounds like a damn good time to me!


We forgot our camera back at the cabin, so this isn’t actually depicting our day. Add in icy snow and 25 mph winds, and you get the idea.

We had actually been saving up lots of great links to share on Friday, so we figured why not get “caught up” with our blog posts by cranking out some bonus posts on Sunday.  This Webfeast is dedicated to our weekend in Sunriver and will definitely get us back on track and prep us for our next 30 Day Challenge which is our Raw February!

After this past weekend, a detox is definitely in order!

Feeling a little acidic?  We definitely are.

We’re in the process of writing our Super Bowl party menu.  These might make the cut.

A new obsession.

We’re in the market.  Anyone have any recommendations or reviews to share?

This came in handy after a long day on the hill.  Vegan and GF!!

Get the Gear!

Now that we have our New Year’s resolutions rolling, our race schedule set, and our travel plans beginning to take shape, it’s time to make sure we are outfitted properly for all our activities.  Whether we are running down the streets of Portland, cycling through the outskirts of Bend, or trekking through the trails in the Applegate Valley, we like to rep one of our favorite vegan/wellness/training blogs.






We’ve been fans of Matt Fraizer and his site, No Meat Athlete for over 3 years and have used many of his ideas, recipes, and training plans.  We also have several shirts in the NMA line, including some t-shirts, running shirts, tanktops, and hoodies.  Their is currently a pre-order happening on cycling jerseys, as well as a sale on many of the great NMA items.

If you are in the market for some running or workout gear, or need some good plant-based training advice for your next race, half-marathon, marathon, check out Matt and No Meat Athlete and GET SOME GEAR!

Webfeast Friday: Summertime Edition


First things first.  Greetings to all our new readers and followers!  We were recently featured on wordpress.com’s Freshly Pressed, and now feel even more inspiration/pressure to deliver our vegan exploits to the masses.  Full disclosure:  we had no idea what Freshly Pressed was, and only learned about it after seeing it mentioned in a post as our blog and Facebook follower count exploded on Wednesday!  We are so excited that we are able to share our quips and adventures about living life vegan-style with more than just our immediate family and a few friends and co-workers.  Keep the feedback, questions, and recommendations coming!

In honor of the first day of summer, this week’s Webfeast has a summertime vibe to help you kickoff our favorite time of year! Eat up!!

Adventure bars for your summertime outdoor adventures.

Hot coffee during the hot summer doesn’t work.  Cold brew and iced coffee is the only way to go.

Dreamsicles = summertime.

Every season is donut season.

Bad days don’t exist during the summer.  Here’s how you make sure!

June’s “Where do you get your protein” segment.

Our perfect summer involves one of these.

Everything you need to outfit yourself for summer.  Get the gear!!!!!

We’re planning a trip to San Francisco in July.  Any recommendations or must-sees??  In preparation for the trip, we leave you with this:

Web Feast Friday

This week’s Web Feast Friday covers a few of my favorite things:  kale, pizza, beans, hipsters, gear, and of course, a great jam to roll into the weekend!  Enjoy the feast!!!

If you’re not eating kale yet, here are more reasons why you should start immediately!

Vegans love pizza.   Trust me.   Daiya anyone?

Great looking gear, made in Colorado!  Help these boys out.  

Are you hipster?   Here are the best cities for you to live!  

The facts on beans.  Long story short, eat them.