We’re back! Vegan Mofo 2013!


Wow.  We’ve taken a bit of a hiatus, but have so much to share with our fans!  We tend to need some kind of inspiration to move us forward, and what better time than Vegan Mofo 2013.   I’m sitting next to Hayley as I post this, and although we have discussed the future of our blog, she has no idea that I am committing to a month’s worth of blog posts in hopes that our propensity for blogging is rekindled.  We have chatted several times about the direction, theme, and mood of our blog.  Why not plunge right into what we do best:  posting what we think, feel, and love about our amazing life that involves vegan food, amazing friends, delicious wine, and dick jokes.

I would apologize for not posting sooner, but honestly, life has been so zany we kind of neglected this obligation.   I do appreciate all the comments and all the feedback, and look forward to all we have to offer during September and Vegan Mofo.

Sit back, relax, cook up some fine BBQ jackfruit, pour yourself a delicious libation, and get ready for the Vegan Mofo your life has been yearning for.


One comment on “We’re back! Vegan Mofo 2013!

  1. Haven’t updated my blog in a long time either, but thought MOFO was a good excuse! Excited to see your posts this month!

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