Wednesday night Thai Green Curry w/ Veggies and Tofu


We are in the early stages of perfecting weekly meal planning, and I have to give big kisses to Susan Voisin at FatFree Vegan Kitchen for this easy and  delicious curry.  I’m not sure how many times I have to learn the lesson about reading a recipe before I prepare it, but at least one more time because I forgot to soak the cashew, moving this from a Tuesday to a Wednesday night masterpiece.  SOAK THOSE CASHEWS KIDS!!  The beauty of cooking is you can (usually) make what you want of it, so we added an extra cup of kale, an extra tablespoon of green curry, another 1/2 tsp of arrowroot , and you can never go wrong with MORE GARLIC!!

THAI GREEN CURRY WITH VEGETABLES AND TOFU  (follow link for recipe deets) 

Midweek guilt-free comfort food

NUTRITION: 142 calories – 7 g total fat – 0 cholesterol – 336 mg sodium, 290 mg potassium – 12 g carbs – 3.2 g fiber – 3.7 g sugar – 9.9 g protein- 4.1 WW points

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