The Beetlejuice Dilemma

Actual conversation had on the way back from hiking today: 

ME: I think we should figure out where we are going to meet up if we both die.

EVAN:  Why don’t we just meet at the house, that way I can haunt the shit out of you.

ME: (appalled face)

EVAN: No, it will be the best kind of haunting.

ME: Naw, I don’t want to put ourselves in a Beetlejuice situation.

EVAN: Well that’s easy, just don’t say Beetlejuice three times and we’re good.

ME: No seriously, what if people move into the house and they start messing with our vibe and we are stuck hanging out in the upstairs away from the fridge.

EVAN: That’s exactly when you would say Beetlejuice babe. That’s what he’s there for.

ME: I guess.


Yet another conversation where we couldn’t come up with a solution to an unrealistic problem that we made up.