Vegan Epic Meal Time – Coming to You Guilt-Free


I caught some crap from some animal activist friends recently for laughing at a picture of an obese cat. At first I felt crazy guilty. Here I am with a pro-plant blog advocating for decisions that cultivate peace and I laugh about an animal that is probably suffering due to their weight – what an asshole.

RIP Hootie Ketcham- May you be remembered not by your robust frame, but instead by your robust life adventures

I do this a lot – labeling my actions in a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ category based on everything shit others say or if my words/actions align with my beliefs or about a million other things which are ultimately just about the way I want to project to the world. Yes, there are some major actions in life that warrant some deep analysis that shape belief systems – but does laughing at a fat cat make me a  ‘bad’ vegan?

OH, HELL NO!! I’m going to blow the ending of the story and tell you that Evan helped snap me back to reality by reminding me that generalized labels are bull and that the more I label, the more I move further away from the real reason we are vegan – because we dig inclusion and really dig the physical and emotional benefits of not eating animals. AHHH, inclusion – LOVE that word, man. Come as you are, listen if you want, read these books, cook this food, laugh at my jokes, vote for my candidate – or don’t. Or. Don’t. You remain, my free – frisky – and open friends, a friend still.

*Sigh* All that jazz to open up that mind and say that it’s perfectly okay to laugh at this whole phenomenon called Epic Meal Time. If you are grossed out by meat (or have children present), I wouldn’t recommended following this Epic Meal Time link – but it’s perspective on how wonderful the vegan Epic Meal Time is that I posted below. There are so many ideas that I have for laying delicious vegan snacks – but it would be hard to beat these bros. Stay hungry my friends.