How to stop buying self-help books and start building your 2013 race schedule


Ahhh....we love a fresh start!

Ahhh….we love a fresh start!

We are beginning the year with a guest, our friend Evonne from Iowa (more on her amazingness tomorrow), so we are doing what any self-respecting hosts do when guest visit – hide all the shit we are ashamed to show.

*Sidebar: I refuse to use the word hostess as I am avoiding all words that could provoke spontaneous binging on sweets/tearfully re-watching the slideshow on my computer entitled “Sugar on my teeth” scored with the jam This Used to Be My Playground by Madonna.

Back to our shame. Usually we have the most shameful items in the dark recesses of the odd-shaped bedroom that we don’t use except for a futon and “things to be filed”, but other items we enjoy on the reg but have to carefully balance our self-respect and the general fear and concern of others when deciding to keep them out or not. The Game of Thrones Land of Ice & Fire Map kit? Stay. Our collection of hand puppets? Hide. Our collection of hundreds of owls? Stay. Our collection of dozens of decorative potpourri  in various shaped bowls? Hide. Our stuffed animals which we have named and treat like real animals? Stay.

And their is one thing that we love dearly yet always hide: our throngs of self-help books. I’m not kidding. A mega-throng. We can’t seem to resist the promise from anyone in a blazer or with a beard of a better life – relationships, diet, exercise, traveling, making money, spending money, finding passions/strengths/careers/other books…oh man, we love experts. Actually, I think it’s less about the experts and more about the promise they all have in common – A HAPPY, BLESSED, ABUNDANT LIFE OF FREEDOM! With every new book came a new Monday morning promise – THIS week will be the start of something different. THIS time, everything is about to change.

Well maybe it was all those years of self-help kool-aid or the fresh Oregon air or the placid simplicity of the hill people we see wandering our streets smoking joints in their 1992 Air Jordan t-shirts that have inspired us to do things differently. THIS time, instead of planning on doing things – we are getting it done son! Nothing is quite so motivational as throwing down fat cash and signing your name on the liability release for races to make you say – oh damn, I better start doing some shit.

Below are a few websites that we used to find, pick, sign, pay for, seal, and deliver our future folks. Our future of buns you can bounce a quarter off, robust quad-meats, less truck-drivery arms, and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from helping yourself YOUR way!

Helpful websites to help you build your own race schedule:

  • Running in the USA –  Search by race, state, date, mileage along with linked website and contact information. Perfect for finding one race month by month and/or plan an active vacation
  • Southern Oregon Runners – Local organization that promotes events all over Southern Oregon. Some of the most elite trail and road runners in the world live in Southern Oregon, come see why.
  • Fitness Sports  – Local Iowa race website run by a Des Moines shoe store by the same name, promotes events in iowa by race, date, mileage.
  • Half Marathons site –  Narrow down the field of races and experience the fastest growing event in running. Search by location and race.
  • Trail Runner – Just like Running in the USA, but only for trail runs. Is the best site with the most trail races, an event that is a blast yet difficult to find in the girth of road runs on other sites.

Oh, and we did take from those books the idea that in order to hold yourself and to be held accountable, it helps to share goals with anyone and everyone! So chicky-check it out (and please join us if you can – I’ll be the one sweating out my mouth at the back of the pack):


January: Schmidtman 5k

Pic from the 1st annual Schmidtman 5k (the combo of Evan and I's last name) - a run we do together on the 1st of January each month

Pic from the 1st annual Schmidtman 5k (the combo of Evan and I’s last name) – a run we do together on the 1st of January. Our bib #’s are our goal weight

February: Couple Truffle Shuffle 10k (Medford, OR)

March: Shamrock Run 8k (Portland, OR)

April: Bridge to Brews 10k (Portland, OR)

May: Rock n Roll Half Marathon (Portland, OR)

June: Race for the Animals 10k trail run (Portland, OR) + Granite Man Trail 5 mile (Applegate Valley, OR)

July: Ashland July 4th 10k (Ashland, OR) + Deschutes Dash Duathlon (Bend, OR)

August: Hood to Coast relay (Mount Hood – 199 miles – Seaside, OR) + Mount Ashland Hill Climb Half Marathon

September: Wildwood Trail Trial 10k (Portland, OR)

October: Portland, OR Marathon!!!

November: Turkey Trot 10k (Medford, OR)

December:  Try not to get fat. This has yet to be accomplished and we don’t want to complicate things with running a race – although we probably should as a way to potentially guilt our way into not getting fat. Hey, nothing says the holidays at our house like a vat of guilt (and copious amounts of starchy foods).

Can you spot the most photogenic people in the race lineup? (hint: my mom and I are in there somewhere)

Can you spot the most photogenic people in the race lineup? (hint: my mom and I are in there somewhere)