Vegan 4th of July menu + memories


July 4th, 1989: Everything you need to know about our personalities in one frame.

There was little simpathy in my house for whiners and tattle-tales. The first time my brother punched through a window in order to punch my face, I was grounded one week for ‘provoking’. I sliced two fingers on my right hand while carving pumpkins, and the urgency of the bleeding didn’t cause a rouse until mom’s makeshift cloth bandage was overcome and someone almost fell in the puddle of blood forming beside my desk. And anytime there was a major crisis, heartbreak, disappointment, or failure, Mom would slap us on the back and say, “eh, it’s nothing $10,000 in therapy won’t fix.”

What seems like negligent parenting from the outside, I have come to recognize as simple prioritization. The one thing my parents took very seriously? Freedom. They preached civil rights and women’s lib and every long car ride was a mock-trial atmosphere laced with provocative questions and spirited debate. While dad was cooking or shaving he would have me read him The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. I was 9.

Yet as they say, freedom isn’t free. The consequences for sparking a pro choice/life debate during lunch at St. Matthew’s Catholic school while wearing a “Vote Dukakis” campaign button can burn fear even into the most carefree young mind. But thanks to mom, I started my therapy savings account with baby sitting money early.

Thanks for the love and support and the freedom mom and dad. And of course to you too America, where I can believe and say whatever I want without any fear of getting my fingers chopped off – unless it’s by my own hand and poorly tended to by the family.

Mom hugs after (finally) running my first race at age 29. Always my biggest supporter.

4th of July Vegan Menu

Field Roast Hotdogs on the grill, cut in spirals for optimum deliciousness

Pickled Planet Raw Sauerkraut for toppin’s

Our fav! Wasabi Potato Salad 

Broccoli Hemp Slaw with Tangy Mustard Dressing

Vegan Baked Beans 

Patriotic Vegan/Raw Cheesecake (as shown)

Raw Pistachio Almond Ice Cream

We would love to hear your favorite recipes for 4th of July – keep sharing and celebrating great food with friends!