MLK day – celebrate in gratitude


Tomorrow is Martin Luther King, Jr Day, and it’s the hand’s down winner as my absolute favorite national holiday. MLK for me represents the possibility within every one of us – the power of one, the fundamental worthiness of this life for all of us, and the profound yet simple impact unquestioning love and acceptance has on uplifting this life experience – and I love that we can honor and celebrate that ideal as a nation.

Every year, I celebrate in the same two ways. First, I listen to his “I have a dream” speech and, without fail, am transported to a place of gratitude and reverence. Secondly, I use that momentum of gratitude to write down the things I am thankful for in my life and this world – this is what’s swirling in my nog at the moment:

  • I’m so gratitude for this amazing life where I get to hang out with silly, wonderful people whom I love and love me – sometimes despite of, sometimes because of my general neurosis and cringe worthy communication style.
  • I’m grateful for being such a habitual quitter who dropped out of everything that made me feel inadequate, I wasn’t at least fairly decent at, or required me to wear unflattering clothing. *If you’re not a quitter, I highly recommend it – I don’t see the point of spending your time on things that don’t bring you absolute joy/pride/excitement when you could be investing time in things that connect you to the best version of yourself.
  • I’m grateful for stumbling into vegetarianism and discovering veganism – my heart, soul, belly, blood, and every other nugget of my being has improved after those few little decisions.
  • I’m grateful for all the shit I’ve been through. Every single terrible relationship and draining, dead end job and bug-infested apartment and the terrifying loneliness of the Army and the credit card debt and the gaining and losing of the same 30 pounds at least a dozen times… All that junk was just contrast that allowed me to pick and choose “I want more of THAT and less of THAT” – then I had the courage to choose the paths that brought me closer to feeling good! 

PHEW! Lots to feel good about – and that’s just a start. I can’t say it enough, but we are so grateful for each of you that tune in for our adventures in life and food – we read every comment and your well wishes, ‘likes’, and views brighten up our life every day. THANK YOU!

Make it a great week – and happy MLK day!


2 comments on “MLK day – celebrate in gratitude

  1. Terri Houlahan says:

    I am grateful that I have family like you! I agree with your post wholeheartedly! I am grateful for all of the things that have happened to me in my life. Thos experiences have shaped who I am and I
    LOVE the woman I have become! Your thought about being a ‘quitter’ made me realize that I, too, have chosen to quit what does not feel right. Love to you both!

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