3 weeks into January….

…and we’ve been VERY busy. Our 2013 commitment was to say “yes” to more – yes to things that make us uncomfortable, yes to going on adventures when the couch is calling, yes to invitations and trying new foods and checking out new places and and and….you get the idea. So far we (along with the lovely and amazing house guest from Iowa Evonne) have:

Hiked the Boy Scout Trail in the Redwood Forest

jan1(2) jan1


Woke up to some great views of the Pacific Coast

jan2 jan3(2)


Tried some new, exotic foods

jan4 jan6 jan5


Unexpectedly discovered a roadside flying car



Went wine tasting in the Applegate valley with old friends and new

jan7 jan8


Went snowshoeing on a perfect day on Mount Ashland


jan12 jan10


It’s been such an amazing year so far, and we can’t wait to see what will be in store for us. LIFE IS GRAND! Cheers to the journey ahead!!




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