Vegan Epic Meal Time. Moo Bitch.

I have this, lets call it ‘genetic’ defect in my personality that I will go to any level of humiliating myself or Evan if I think it will evoke even the tiniest amount of actual or awkward laughter.  Before you judge, let me just say that 1. I already admitted it’s a defect and I am working on it 2. I don’t believe in pranks – I’m okay with people thinking I’m an asshole but not doing something juvenile and dickish and probably leaves a emotional and actual mess and 3. It’s how I love. Thanks a lot mom and dad. 

Here’s the irony – I can make a joke about anything and seem like a real tough gal, but when it comes to actual confrontation, total softy. Exhibit A: the picture below. So I somehow have the courage to say to my boss “Looks like you’re already giving up on the day” as he carries his McDonald’s breakfast through a giant room of co-workers, but when the dude at the airport taco place puts cheese on my salad after 3 requests to prepare without cheese (even the cheese allergy card), all I do is pick as much cheese out as possible and passive-aggressively tell jokes about it later. *sigh* Karma.

As a tribute to my first unwanted dairy of the year, enjoy the newest vegan epic meal time: milk mutiny.






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