Oregonians for life!!!





I think Evan was a little scared heading back to Iowa for holiday vacation. See, I am madly in love with my mom and I could see him cringing and praying that I wouldn’t feel a stingy longing to move back ‘home’. Our time in Iowa was amazing – especially since some of our favorite past times of sleeping until 10, watching Ghost Hunters marathons, playing scrabble, and housing copious amounts of chex mix were realized. Evan was happy to hear that, for the first time in my life,  Cedar Rapids will always be my hometown but no longer felt like OUR home. I’m so grateful that we had the courage to listen to our own voice, making the risky decision to move a dot on the map we had never even visited.

This first weekend out after the return to OUR home of Medford affirmed that the risk was totally worth it. Just a few hour drive had us hiking through the Redwoods and watching the sun come up on giant waves and brave surfers. We are so happy and feel, more then ever, that anything is possible.

Now our little project begins – convince our Iowa posse to move to us:)

trees_jan2013 trees_boyscout surfers_2013 oceancouples ocean_Jan13 ocean_2013 evonneocean burl bike_2013 beach_2013


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