Procrastinating on Day One


It’s 11:16 PM Pacific Time and we are submitting the first blog post of the year on the first day of the year and, in typical Evan and Hayley fashion, waiting until the last minute to do so. But I will say…we have a great excuse. Today was spent traveling from the small town of Charles City, IA (Evan’s hometown) to the Des Moines International Airport to Phoenix then San Francisco and finally back to Medford. Oh, and of course there was the stop at Food 4 Less to pick up the essentials so then we don’t have to de-jammie tomorrow all day. Vacation days, consider yourself milked!

Oh, and by the way – HAPPY NEW YEAR! I will spare myself the delirium of posting our binders of resolutions (screw you law of diminishing returns – I say the more goals you set, the more likely you are to actually hit one. It’s that whole “a broken clock is right at least twice a day” or “throwing darts and see which ones stick” concept. I’m terrible at metaphors, but you get my gist) and we will share the big year of goals, tools, events, and adventures tomorrow.

Like all great ideas, this one began with Evan and I overdosing on Thai food and agreeing to publicly commit to something that may be over our heads, this time agreeing to blog every day in 2013. Again, be prepared for rambling and dick jokes.

It’s gonna be an awesome year.


One comment on “Procrastinating on Day One

  1. […] you may or may not have noticed, our streak of blogging came to an end on Friday, January 25.  I am actually impressed that we made it that long […]

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