Video proof that vegans enjoy Thanksgiving


Well hey there.

Oh man, it’s finally here. When our normal lifestyle of eating pie as an appetizer, wearing stretch pants for 12+ hours, and cooking epic quantities of carb-laden dishes can be written off as ‘tradition’ and not poor life choices. This is probably how middle-aged life action role-players feel on halloween.

As a little treat for your viewing pleasure, we invite you to watch our 3 minute biopic of our inaugural vegan thanksgiving. Keep the judging of our low-budgetness at bay – it is thanksgiving after-all…a time to save all your aggression, despondency  and/or bitterness for black friday.

Enjoy – 2010 vegan thanksgiving.


One comment on “Video proof that vegans enjoy Thanksgiving

  1. You two totally rock – and apparently have been totally rockin’ for at least two years. 🙂

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