What my phone pictures say about me


Awww yeah!!!

Working in the cellular industry, I can tell you that people consider their phones an extension of their family. I would guess that if you accidentally forgot both your phone and your elderly grandma at the cash register, you would secretly be more upset about the phone. And you better believe that I’ve gotten off the wiz palace with my pants halfway down and forgot to grab my phone so I could write emails and/or, depending on the ‘situation’, play words with friends.

On those days I really need giggles, I will go back through and relive the history of my life through my phone’s gallery. I figured I could either revamp the ‘About Us’ section of the blog, or you can psychoanalyze these selected pictures that tell you all about me without ever saying a word. Enjoy.


These babies came today – 150 mini chocolates for $30 bucks. Now we can finally play ‘how many mini chocolates can you fit in your mouth?’ (I like to play by myself after Evan goes to bed)


vegan mega-meal at Morning Glory in Ashland, OR


I committed to giving up french fries during the month of October. Needless to say, this evoked feelings. (PS – the feelings made worse by a dude in a kermit hat photo-bombing my sorrow)



Nothing says “I’m disappointed” than having to tail this face for 30 miles. *sigh*


My hipster grandpa on a bike. Gangsta.


A ‘moo’ licence plate with a Beef bumper sticker. I wonder if the floor mats are made with the fur of a thousand chipmunks?



I need more information on the whys please. Is this a gremlins situation?


I’m going to re-stage this book and instead call it “Abnormally long chest” or “Beastmaster II: The Beastmaster has PRIDE ya’ll!”



Is it possible for a box to have halitosis?


Drawing the audience’s attention.


I did leave out the pictures from when Evan and I both had cold sores at the same time, the many miming of pooping on things pics, and of course anything where I had a double chin (it’s my blog – that is a GD right!) Oh, and watch Beastmaster like now – you can thank me later.





2 comments on “What my phone pictures say about me

  1. quinngoldie says:

    That first photo with the money bags is cracking me up

  2. […] searched my old phone pictures – and this is what I discovered for your viewing […]

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