Why Acid vs. Alkaline matters: My vegan biopic


Like many people that feel compelled to embark on a wellness quest, my journey began after some alarming test results. It was 2003 and my life looked VERY different than today. I was a hard-core meat and cheese eater, fast food junkie, and only exercised on Monday mornings, usually after a weekend of binge eating that ended with making promises to myself that everything will change tomorrow. Then by about 10:00 AM Tuesday morning, I would be late for work again (I had trouble sleeping too….shocker) and found myself picking up two McDonald’s breakfast burritos to save time. By the time I went in for the doctor appointment in late fall 2003, my life was a mess and I was scared shitless and embarrassed to discover what this lifestyle was doing to my body.

“If you keep on making these choices Hayley, you will be on diabetes medication in a few months,” my doctor calmly pleaded following my full on breakdown in her office where I admitted my binge eating habits (I weighed in at 193 pounds), heavy drinking, trouble sleeping, and creeping depression. “Your body needs your help.”

One of the few pictures of me during my heavy days. I kinda have the same chin as the mom from that Honey Boo Boo show.

Change didn’t happen immediately. First I had to identify my triggers then slowly phase them out  – beginning, sadly, with many of my ‘friends’ who were bad influences, followed by fast food then soda and finally meat in April of 2004. Within a month of giving up meat, I had not only dropped 20 pounds, but my temperament completely changed. The depression went away, I was less angry and more optimistic, I had no troubles getting and staying asleep, and my once acne-laden skin had completely cleared. These changes are the story I find myself telling people who are curious about why I went vegan, with the cliff note version being:

When I gave up meat I immerged from a fog I didn’t know I was in. When I gave up meat, my life began.

Needless to say, I never needed diabetic medications or have needed ANY medications since that day as I’ve had zero health issues, including contracting a flu or a cold beyond 24 hours.

So…what does that have to do with this ‘Acid vs Alkaline’ thing? Well, when you are blessed with worry-free blood tests you can began asking questions about how do I get to be even MORE healthy…is it possible I can feel MORE amazing?! I have since switched doctors, and when I posed this question to Dr. F she asked, “What do you know about the negative impacts of acid in your body?” Well Doc, I don’t know shit.

My niece Kaelyn and me today – she’s bigger and I’m smaller. Just your buck standard Benjamin Button situation.

I have done a great deal of research since that conversation and while I’m knowledgable, I am not a physician.  Therefore, I don’t want to be the one to prescribe my own opinions. I’ve also only begun my journey to balancing my pH, so I will keep you updated on any new amazing breakthroughs physically or emotionally. The following video is the best explanation I have found to help understanding why the relationship between acid and alkaline matters along with a guide to the alkaline/acid levels in common foods.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I loved myself enough to ask for help and admit I have a problem – I guess those 12 step programs aren’t full of crap huh? But as any 12-stepper will tell you, the work never stops. There is always temptation and bad days and a million ‘what ifs’ and justification arguments in your head. It’s during these times that I think back to how far I have come, how amazing I feel now, and how grateful I am to be standing in this place of joy sharing my story, and not in a place of bitterness and self-doubt. Happy learning my friends!

Thanks to www.alkalinesisters.com for the chart!


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  2. jjbailey says:

    For most of my life I ate healthy according to mainstream thinking. You know whole grains, fruit, veggies, and lean protein. I learned I had allergies so I did more learning and more tweaking. Immune system weak so I tweaked again. I’m always learning and still dealing with issues so when the dentist said I needed gum surgery and the gut dr. said I needed to experiment with more meds and diets I needed to do some fast reading and experimenting. Being slightly alkaline is the key which means eating about 50-70% veggies at every meal even breakfast. Some addictions are hard to break. I still struggle with my health mysteries but I am learning to listen to what my body needs and make those changes. May you thrive in your quest for healthy and alkalinity.

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