Web Feast: R-rated and Vegan Mofo Approved!

I’ve been wasting loads of time this week – which means good news for Web Feast and bad news for….who am I kidding, I have no kids or any real responsibilities that can’t be put off until after I’m done procrastinating on my core responsibilities like making money, using the bathroom, and posting this blog.

Evan usually does the Friday posts, but has too much homework tonight so you get me again (he is all done this weekend…WOOHOO!) So because I both love him AND am slightly bitter that I don’t get this one day off of posting, I am dedicating this crazy R-rated but hilarious video that would usually get turned down to him. P.S. not work/home/child/my mom appropriate (seriously mom, don’t watch this – you will be offended by the number of swear words.) P.S.S. As my gift to Evan when he graduates tomorrow, we will playing this same little make-up game. Congrats babe – and you’re welcome.

I must not be an Ultra Runner because I don’t know what half of these mean – test your own Ultra Running knowledge

Not sure what to read after finishing Twilight, Hunger Games, and 50 Shades? Use this sweet site to decide what book you should read next.

I love when I can say that I drank a power smoothie for breakfast, but I secretly know I ate pure sugar and pumpkin. Screw it – it’s October.

Eating veggies doesn’t have to be expensive. Eat cheap my friends.

TOTALLY found my new obsession – a trendy BnB search site. Did you know you can rent out supped up airstreams for the same price as theĀ Marriott? Yes please. (Thanks Brad for the tip!)

I have been listening to this album non-stop. Not only is the band amazing, but anytime I get the chance to act out my secret fantasy of being a sassy black singer, I take it! I am totally jealous of all the people who pull up next to me whilst in a fit of Tina Turner gyration.


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