Web Feast Friday: Vegan Mofo 2012


So far so good!  We are now 12 days into our first Vegan Mofo as participants, and have kept up our pledge of posting every single day in October!  Thanks for all the views, comments, and feedback over the last couple of weeks.  We really appreciate the support and look forward to continuing our quest to deliver our impassioned vegan content with even more humor, sarcasm, and plant-based love.  We leave you with another edition of Web Feast Friday:  Vegan Mofo 2012.

Fall means cooler weather, soup, and string-based jams:

Sauerkraut and mushrooms just happen to be my two favorite foods.  Jackpot!!

I couldn’t remember if I had posted these before, but with new flavors available, it seemed like a good idea.  These have fueled many long runs and bike rides.  Vegan power food by some super cool folks from TX!

Saturdays used to be college football day.  Now this is what I look forward to!

Curry kale balls.  Yes please.

Good thing about my office is everyone thinks I’m crazy when I drink this.

We’ve mentioned many times that brunch is our favorite meal.  What’s brunch without muffins?

Mad respect and best of luck to all the athletes toeing the line in Kona tomorrow.

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