When Work Lunches go Right


At first, I had considered writing about what a nightmare work lunch function can be.  Seeing as though we are the only two vegans working for our company in this area, lunch meetings always become a veritable minefield of cream sauces, mayo-based salads, various meats on bread, and cookie platters.  Occasionally we are informed that the iceberg salad came with the cheese and egg on the side “just for us.”  One such working lunch back in Iowa consisted of three kinds of meat, potato salad topped with bacon, and beans with bacon.  We were informed that we would probably have to just pick the meat out of the beans and salad if we expected to eat anything.

Ever since then, we have become masters of packing lunches and have become pros at picking through what is being offered to enhance our delicious homemade vegan lunches.  Occasionally the powers that be come through big time and produce the spectacle featured below.  I give you, the best work lunch ever!


Here we have a mixed green salad with grated carrots, parsnips, and beets, avocado, tomato, walnuts, curried almonds, and a homemade balsamic dressing.  This beautiful salad was served with a spicy kale and white bean salad.  Work lunch perfection!


2 comments on “When Work Lunches go Right

  1. ameyfm says:

    wow, what a super awesome and beautiful lunch!!! what a score. It sure sucks to have a big table full of food you can’t/don’t eat. been there! this looks like a total winner! So many colors and veggies and flavors (and even nuts! and avocado!). hoorah!

  2. […] to finding vegan food at airports, hotels, or work-sponsored networking buffets.  I know that work lunches can be great so I was interested to test this theory in a different time […]

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