Hey girl, let me tap that sweet…app

What was I feeling here? If Evernote Food existed in 2010, I could have documented all my food, faces, and emotions to relive the….horror? confusion? SEE!? Now we will never know…

For all you ‘foodies’ out there (and the rest of us who loath the term foodies but have albums of every meal we’ve ever eaten), there is this sweet app for your computer, phone, and/or tablet that is blowing my mind right now called Evernote Food. 

Answer the following questions with a yes or no:

  1. Have you ever eaten or seen food that is so beautiful and/or delicious that you feel overwhelmingly compelled to take a picture to preserve the moment?
  2. Have you gone drinking with friends/family/pathetically alone and tried the ‘local brew’ that blows your mind only to forget what it was that you ordered?
    1. Do you know nothing about wine, but the hot dude/chick you were on a date ordered their favorite while you were busy putting out the Phil Collins groovy-kinda-love vibe – therefore you didn’t have time to write down the brand or flava that they will likely expect you to order the next time you go out (if there is a next time)?
  3. Do you like taking pictures of the meal to try and recreate back at home? How about eating out so much that you forget where you had those amazing fries?
  4. Do you have a ton of pictures already on your phone, computer, or tablet that you don’t know what to do with but are afraid to erase them?
  5. Are you a food blogger who takes pictures of food like they are her children then forgets what the food is and has to rename food based off what you think you can see? (like my ‘something with beets on it’ sandwich)

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Evernote Food will change your life. (Okay, so I obviously have a pretty care-free life if this app is solving one of my biggest problems – remembering all the shit I eat. In my defense, I totally acknowledge that someday, when/if we decide to have kids/mortgage/pets/gambling addiction that there will be mo problems – until then, forgetting what I ate is driving me crazy. That’s what we call “white people problems”.)

Watch the video below for the less foul-mouthed version of reasons you need this app in your life – but my official recommendation? Bad.Ass.


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