Web Feast Friday: Day 5 Vegan Mofo Edition

Vegan Mofo 2012 is off and rolling, and after following many of these fantastic bloggers for several years, it feels damn good to be a part of the action this year.  We have lots of great stuff to share, and have several recipes ready to go as well.  In the meantime, welcome to the weekend and enjoy this week’s FEAST!!!

Fall soundtracks must include lots of Mountain Goats tunes

If you haven’t subscribed yet, do yourself a favor and get a subscription to Chickpea. Artsy vegan food at it’s best!

Cold season is on its way.  Use these fall recipes to prep your bod!

Best-of vegan books in 2012.  Amazon.com is waiting for you!  Might I recommend this one?

Throw some some cash at this Kickstarter.com campaign.

I have to admit, I made all these mistakes after making the move to a plant-based diet.

Simple kale salads are a staple at the EPL house.

How can you not want to drink a pie-flavored smoothie?

Catch you tomorrow for Vegan Mofo Day 6!


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