How not to celebrate your two year vegan anniversary


Not pictured: Evan without pants and me in a t-shirt dress, or what Evan lovingly calls my stress moomoo. Oh, and the hour it took to stage this picture to capture the perfect mixture of reverence and class. And the hour it took to convince Evan to participate at all. Celebrating in style.

Two years ago today we officially packed up our many wheels of cheese, half eaten cottage cheese and egg cartons, and case of Cool Ranch Dorito’s and began stocking our shelves with vegan versions of those same things such as Diaya cheese and So Delicious yogurt.

We have learned a lot since that first day of being vegan like ways to order out at a bar, that fruits and vegetables CAN be filling, that there are magical cookbooks and storybooks to help cooking be more fun, and that this amazing decision that is often easy, sometimes challenging, and the best decision we ever made.

And what better month then October to pick to go vegan with the vast array of pumpkiny flavored fare and having every reason in the world to make (then house) and entire vat of chili. Oh, and October is VEGAN MOFO MY ‘LIL MOFO’S!

Vegan month of food – ah, what a glorious idea! An entire month focused on vegan cooking, blogging, and general camaraderie amongst those doing the same. A proverbial accountabili-buddy if you will, guiding and inspiring us to write more More MORE!

So…for EVERY day in October we will be posting something. It may be a top-5 list or our fav soup recipes or a shout out to some shit we like or a picture of us acting erratically behind closed doors or in public. Man – this is going to be an awesome month. You guys are so lucky to have found us:)

4 comments on “How not to celebrate your two year vegan anniversary

  1. GiGi says:

    Happy Veganversary to you and yours. Thank God for vegan partners who are willing to participate in photos too.
    Happy Mofo! Lucky to have found you and the shit you will shout 😉

  2. Every day, huh? Bring it.

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