Web Feast Friday

Welcome to another edition of Web Feast Friday!  Nothing like a three and a half day work week to make Friday feel soooo damn good!  We finally recovered from a Labor Day weekend trip to Portland, OR where we may have caved to many of our “bad” vegan vices (read Voodoo apple fritters and Cornbread Cafe phish sticks).  This week has been filled with copious amounts of kale and quinoa in hopes of neutralizing the massive amounts of delicious baked goods and mock meats that were consumed in PDX.  We have pics and stories to share, but in the meantime, we will be enjoying a buck-standard EPL weekend.  Get your feast on!

I tried to find some kind of Friday-ish song, and this kept popping into my head.

Fall is right around the corner which means it’s time to cook with sqaush!

Popcorn is a staple around the EPL house.  This might be the new go-to recipe.

Any time the vegan baked goods get the best of us, juice always seems to balance us out.

Did I mention we are squash, soup, and squash soup fans?

These will be made this weekend.  Review to follow.

The John Muir Trail is on our short list for must-do hikes.  Help get this documentary made!

This video showed up on the same page as the Dr. Dre video, so I was obligated to post it as well.  You know you at least owned this tape.


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