Webfeast Friday

It’s been awhile since the last installment of the Webfeast, and in our defense, team EPL has been on several vegan fueled adventures.  We have lots of content ranging from racing duathlons, beers and BBQ, and a Pacific Coast road trip with San Fran as the destination.  While we compile all the pictures, videos, and stories, check out some of our favorite links from the last few weeks.

Start your day off with these morning rituals.

Stay tuned for some vegan protein reviews.  In the meantime, try some of these so you are ready to answer the classic “vegan protein” question.

Team EPL has already asked these questions many times and training has begun!  I smell lots of great vegan fueling content on the horizon.

You can never go wrong with some inspirational and empowering quotes!

Too hot to fire up the oven?  Here’s some raw brownies for ya!

Summer time.  Ice cream.  Eat it.

We have lots of great stuff to share with you over the next few weeks.  In the meantime, let us know what you would like to see us cook, review, demonstrate, or EAT!!!!


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