Webfeast Friday: Summertime Edition


First things first.  Greetings to all our new readers and followers!  We were recently featured on wordpress.com’s Freshly Pressed, and now feel even more inspiration/pressure to deliver our vegan exploits to the masses.  Full disclosure:  we had no idea what Freshly Pressed was, and only learned about it after seeing it mentioned in a post as our blog and Facebook follower count exploded on Wednesday!  We are so excited that we are able to share our quips and adventures about living life vegan-style with more than just our immediate family and a few friends and co-workers.  Keep the feedback, questions, and recommendations coming!

In honor of the first day of summer, this week’s Webfeast has a summertime vibe to help you kickoff our favorite time of year! Eat up!!

Adventure bars for your summertime outdoor adventures.

Hot coffee during the hot summer doesn’t work.  Cold brew and iced coffee is the only way to go.

Dreamsicles = summertime.

Every season is donut season.

Bad days don’t exist during the summer.  Here’s how you make sure!

June’s “Where do you get your protein” segment.

Our perfect summer involves one of these.

Everything you need to outfit yourself for summer.  Get the gear!!!!!

We’re planning a trip to San Francisco in July.  Any recommendations or must-sees??  In preparation for the trip, we leave you with this:


One comment on “Webfeast Friday: Summertime Edition

  1. This is fabulous – that Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince video took me back to college in an instant (Or was it high school? Eesh.) and you’ve somehow packed about 14 bits of awesome into one post. I’ll admit to finding you via the Freshly Pressed business, but I’m glad I did.

    Enjoy your summer!

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