My mom: the original vegan hipster


EPL has taken a too long hiatus from posting for good reason – MOMMA WAS IN TOWN!! My kick ass muda is a classy lady who also happens to unknowingly hold many hipster-approved titles such as “master yoga instructor” and “vegan gourmand”, not to mention up until my bro and I hit high school, she made her own clothes and had numerous colors of ‘hose’ (tights for you Gen Y’ers) for every occasion. Seen here kneeling dangerously close to Charles Manson/my dad, she is modeling the once popular sheen hose. It wasn’t until years later I discovered the sheen were the best hose to pull over my face and, paired with my super soaker, used to hold my grandpa hostage until he fed me more pickles.

Beards and hose and bonnets, oh my! Circa 1981 And the only photo evidence that my dad owned khakis and not just flared or cutoff jeans.

Her visit from Iowa was as epic as we anticipated and included moseying on the coast, hiking in the trees, and feasting on signature momma designed recipes like gluten/sugar free granola, rice pudding, authentic guacamole, and spaghetti sauce that is more veg chunk then sauce (all recipes coming soon in a special edition written by mom herself. And if you’re reading this mom, could you be a guest blogger please?) I admire this pioneer woman for not only paving the way as an earlier adopter of fashion trends and vegan, organic eating – but because she is able to perfectly balance complete shamelessness with total buddha-like wisdom. Mom is like a ultimate human multi-tool of awesome, combining the wisdom of an old spiritual guru, the physical prowess and energy of an annoying step aerobics teacher, and the brazen unpredictability of an 11-year-old who likes to dress up like a Jedi while burping the alphabet.

Just a typical Saturday family night chillin’ in face paint with an unusual number of vintage firetrucks.

Shamelessness did NOT skip a generation. Two pairs of sweatpants, Two pair of high tops, One perm, and One biking glove. Time to hit the Chicago streets in style!

Any time that I would leave the house growing up, my mom would rarely let me go without her kissing me on the cheek and saying the words, “remember who you are.” I secretly thought it was cool even back then, but now that I am in my 30’s and have become totally comfortable with my desires to be a ghost hunter, my inability to pass up a fart war, and have had the cops called on me for watching Lord of the Rings too loud – I realize that those words were so much more then advice – they allowed me freedom to think about my own happiness…to be my own person.

Thanks for being so awesome mom and for visiting me in Oregon. Oh, and I found this little gem of a picture that I hope totally embarrasses you like you used to embarrass me when you would fight over a $.15 coupon at the store then follow it up with a lecture on your contribution to women’s lib.

I call this one “Freedom Shirts.” Just let that chest hair flow gentleman. By the way – when people have that many sets of curtains hanging at once, they are up to no good. THAT is advice to live by.


2 comments on “My mom: the original vegan hipster

  1. Terri Houlahan says:

    Your mom is an amazing woman who inspires me to do better at taking care of myself, and be true to who I am. I love her!

  2. […] yet purposeful and send a message that I’m serious but not in-your-face (the same process hipsters use to ‘style’ their hair). I like to imagine that watching me apply the Go Vegan […]

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