Rub it on your body & use the rest for cookies: A case for coconut oil


I would hope that this advice could only go for a few items – but, whatever you’re into I guess.

In this case, I’m talking about the magical, wonderful, and miraculous Coconut Oil.  Remember the dad in Big Fat Greek Wedding that just sprayed Windex on any problem that needs solving? Coconut oil is my windex…and PS, that movie is a decent commentary on the vegan/vegetarian experience. (PPS…I will bet you $50 that you will never again in your life hear the sentence “coconut oil is my windex”).

Apart from my own testimony, studies have cited coconut oil as having health benefits including weight loss, hair care, skin care, digestion and metabolism, fatigue, infections and even in treating serious illness such as heart disease, HIV, and certain cancers. Most of the benefits come from lauric acid, a medium chain fatty acid that studies have shown has anti-macrobial and antioxidant properties with topical use and also increases producing of HDL (“good”) cholesterol when ingested. Fun fact: Lauric acid is also found in human breast milk.  There are a number of benefits of coconut oil, but I will share a little more on the top 3 reasons we can’t live without it:

Nutiva is my fav brand...and it comes in giant tubs!


After reading up on some of the topical benefits of coconut oil, I bought an extra jar as a replacement for my PM face lotion. Within a few days, I began to notice that my skin was softer and had a more even tone while also reducing fine lines and giving off a healthy glow. After the first week, I stored most of my face and body lotions and replaced them with a few jars of coconut oil. It takes 30-60 minutes on my skin for the oil to absorb, so if you are running out of the house or going right to bed, I would use regular lotion or your clothes/pillow will be a little greasy.  Beyond your skin, coconut oil is wonderful for your hair, leaving it smooth and super shiny.  A few days a week I will melt about 2 tbsp and massage my scalp and hair, then leave it wrapped in a towel for 1-2 hours before washing normally with shampoo and conditioner. For reals, you should start practicing your slow motion Mariah Carey walk now because coconut oil will make you damn sexy!


There are many things I’m great at, but normal navigation through life without accidental injury is not among them. I have street fighter hands that are scared up from times that I slipped with a knife, touched something hot, or caught myself after falling for no reason. Needless to say, I’m used to having scrapes, cuts, and bruises and I know how long they it takes them to heal.  But it wasn’t long after I replaced my lotion with coconut oil that I noticed my cuts and bruises where healing in half the time, and after a little research I discovered that coconut oil will act like a barrier protecting the cut from external bacterial and will also repair damaged tissues that leave bruising. Beyond this minor healing, coconut oil is great for killing virus’, bacteria, and for use as an anti-fungal – therefore good for treating everything from athlete’s foot to the flu to ulcers. Awesome.


It’s difficult to say what role coconut has played in Evan and I both losing 20 pounds in the last 2 years, but I know can tell you that during that time we used it in most of our baked goods on purpose and that our energy and digestion have never been better. When used in cooking, usually as a replacement for butter or other oils, coconut oil does help boost metabolism by removing stress on the pancreas thereby burning off more energy. It is used by the body to produce energy in lieu of being stored as fat while also aiding in the digestion of vitamins, minerals, and other amino acids.


Coconut oil can withstand high-heat cooking, but has a high melting point therefore it’s solid at room temperature but can be easily melted. You can simply run between hands to melt for topical use and for cooking, place in the warm sun or in warm water to slowly melt or in a double broiler to melt over heat. It will quickly harden, so ensure that you use immediately and combine with other ingredients quickly. You can use as a replacement for butter or other oils, just ensure that you be mindful of it’s mild coconut flavor.


There are a crazy number of coconut oils out there, but I only use USDA Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Any kind that indicate it’s “raw”, “virgin”, and “unrefined” will have more nutritional components and the same topical benefits.  Visit this website for more info on different kinds of coconut oil. It goes without saying hopefully, but buy two jars…nobody wants you to rub down your cash and prises with the same batch that you use to make dinner.

Overall, coconut oil has changed my life. It’s helped in shifting my perspective on the choices I make for beauty, weight loss, and natural cooking from seeing these things as mutually exclusive to thinking of them as one empowered journey to educate myself on holistic and truly natural wellness. I am now saving loads of money on special hair conditioners, lotions, ointments galore by finding a natural solution. More importantly, now I will more money to spend on guilty pleasure celebrity magazines and unnecessary kitchen gadgetry.  BOOYAH!!

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