“If you don’t run…you can’t win.”

Evan and Hayley glad to see a friendly face in the otherwise un-vegan friendly stretch between Zion and Bryce National Park, Utah.

The Sunday before Evan found the job posting that eventually moved us to Southern Oregon began with a breakdown, and (as it usually does) ended in a breakthrough.

I will admit, I fell down the rabbit hole first. Without providing all the ‘victimy’ details – I had lost the happiness in my work and this unhappiness manifested itself as swollen teary eyes, trouble getting my head out of bed, and blaming everything for my sorrow besides myself . The corporate world was stripping the varnish of my otherwise inspired and compassionate facade, and I could feel my soft underbelly becoming more calloused by the day. I, we, needed a change, and quick.

There is this slippery slope we balance on most days called sensibility. Sensibility is the little voice that whispers things in your ear like “don’t reach your hand in that cage” and “keep that out of your mouth, it’s probably not a chocolate chip.” In those cases, I tip my hat to sense.  There is another, more cynical side of sensibility that had been doing a damn fine job of keeping me in place by saying things like “you’ve built up a month of vacation at this job and make more money then you could ever use, why would you leave?” and “all of your experience will keep you in this field anyway, so why leave a good thing? and “are you really going to leave your mother in your early 30’s when you know kids will be coming eventually?”  Ah guilt…it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Then there is this other statute of the (economic, therefore debatably sensible) universe called the law of diminishing returns.

The next day, Evan applied and eventually took a transfer to the beautiful Medford, Oregon – and I left sense behind in Iowa to begin life again. Evan and I have taken an oath that we will be less concerned about WHAT we will be in 5 years and focus more on WHO we will be in 5 years. We have big plans…

That brings us to the whole purpose our little Eat.Out.Loud project and why you should give a shit.

Let me start by sharing what Evan and I are not. We are not registered dietitians, doctors, or other licensed medical practitioners in any shape or form.  We are not members of PETA and we do not stand on street corners shaming others who are finding their happiness in a different way then we are. We are not selling anything or promoting anything based off any motivation besides our own completely biased (but I must admit, tried and tested) opinions and experiences. Our beliefs is that few beliefs are ‘right’ and you should do whatever the hell brings you happiness, as long as it isn’t at the expense of hurting others for your amusement.

What we ARE (and that goes for everyone) is so much more relevant. We are walking testimonials for the nutritional rags to riches tale advocating for a plant based lifestyle and keeping the youthfulness and fun in physical movement. The flavor of our lives and those around us have been monumentally enhanced by passionate championing for small, incremental changes in mindset and lifestyle. We are pros in not taking ourselves too seriously and we dedicate our lives to finding the humor and light in all people and experiences. We are here to be servant leaders for those on a journey for nutritional, physical, and emotional wellness – and a sounding board for all regardless of their journey.

We hope you find a little piece of whatever you may be seeking in this place. Look for recipes, gear reviews, sweet travels and trails, worthy (or not) adventures, and the funny shit that we experience on our plant-based journey.  As always, comments, suggestions, and feedback is welcome.

Hayley & Evan

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